Make America Great Again…

Can it be done? Yes, I believe it can be, as long as we choose the best candidate for President.  

But, what happened to America over the years? If you would have asked me a few years ago I couldn’t have given you an answer. Before Obama became President, I really didn’t pay too much attention to politics. I mostly followed the majority of my family and friends, cast my vote and that was it…at least for the next four years!

Then, something happened after Obama won the second term….things became clearer to me. I didn’t see people who were united, like he had promised, I saw a country that was more divided than it had been in years. The progress that we made seemed to dissipate and there was more tension between races than we were used to seeing.

Businesses were shutting down, thousands of people losing their jobs they had for years. Did anyone seem to care? Crime is out of control and drugs are easily found. Just turn on the tv and you’ll find a reality show about every crisis.

Illegal immigrants are flowing in through our borders looking for a better life…well some of them are! The rest are bringing in drugs, guns, human trafficking from other countries around the world. But, Americans are supposed to welcome these people! How can we when they take our jobs, get help from our government that we don’t even get, healthcare, housing, food, clothing….etc. How long do they expect us to take this?

Now we have the chance to make thing right again. Our government doesn’t care when businesses move to other countries and leave people without income. They don’t care that gang members are taking over whole neighborhoods leaving young bodies in their wake. They don’t care that once prospering cities are losing their citizens to drugs and crime! They don’t care that our vets (the heroes that put their lives on the line for us, to keep us safe and our nation free) are dying waiting for medical treatment.

Well, GOD sees all, and He cares! It’s time to make that change! Obama has to leave office and Hillary Clinton must go to jail! They have deceived the American people for too long. Everything that has happened is because of their greed and need for control. Not once did they put America first! Open your eyes America…do you not see what they have done to our country, our lives? There are so many reasons they want our borders open, but not one of those reasons will benefit the citizens of the USA!  One is  because the more illegals that come here, the more people they can use to turn against us! Obama and Clinton have been sending weapons, tanks and aircraft to radical islamic terrorists just to have money stuffed in their pockets.  They don’t care about our safety, only their’s.  Who has the body guards around them 24/7 or protection around their homes?

Young people think because there are celebrities backing Hillary that she must be special, but they are so wrong! Those celebrities that stand up for Obama and Clinton are just like them. Do you think they care about whether you have a job or not? Why should they….they are millionaires who don’t have to worry about how they will feed their family. If George Clooney saw one of his family members raped, shot or tortured, I wonder how he would feel towards letting thousands of unknown muslims pour into our country? Maybe he could have a few dozen stay at his mansion….he could have his staff cook for them and give them nice warm baths and a place to sleep with soft, satin pj’s! They could all wake up in the morning and have a beautiful breakfast together, maybe go for a swim! He, like others, want to take away our 2nd Amendment and leave us defenseless, while they sit in their multi-million dollar homes with 10ft walls around it and security guards. They don’t think terrorist’s will confront them because they are protected. In a way they are correct because terrorist’s will come after the people who can’t protect themselves…..which will be you if you stand with Clinton. The more damage that is done to this country the more money Hillary will pocket.

Hillary Clinton has lied to Americans all of her life! Hillary has no respect for anyone….not even her own family. She belittles those that work for her by treating them like trash, cursing at them constantly. If you research her on the internet you can see all she has done to hurt people. Our brave soldiers and Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi would still be alive today if it weren’t for Hillary! She makes millions off of others misery and death! Name one good thing that Hillary has done for this country…..just one!

If you truly love this country and you want to be a part of making it great again….then you must support Donald J Trump! Donald’s views for this country have always been the same, since he was a young entrepreneur! You can find many of videos of him when he speaks of the direction the country was going and how we needed a leader to change our course before it was too late!

Donald Trump didn’t need or want to run for President…..WE NEED HIM! He has watched the downfall of this great nation and he could not take it any longer. He knew he had to take over! Thank God he has! Donald is a very successful real estate billionaire who has a beautiful wife and wonderful family who loves and respects each other. He has a vision for this country and knows exactly how to get there and what has to be done.  His priority is the American people! Donald believes in us and we must not let him down! He is the only person who can get America back on track by bringing jobs back, securing our borders, taking care of our remarkable veterans, fixing our healthcare system, helping the less fortunate, letting parents decide what is right for their children, and from now on….put America first and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

If you truly love this country and want our people to unite again as a solid and peaceful nation, then you must vote for Donald J Trump! I know we can do this and I’m hoping you will join us!


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